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One Message. 
One Experience.

We’ve joined Franklin Energy’s expert team to provide our utility client’s customers with an enhanced experience. 

Our team provides more value to utility clients by seamlessly connecting energy efficiency, demand response and other distributed energy resources programs through automated participation paths tailored to customers' needs and desires.

  • Dynamic "My Account" portals for the utility website with bill pay, rate, recommendation and dozens of other available widgets
  • Online audit tool with recommendation engine
  • Energy reports
  • Gamification and rewards programs
  • Appliance, rebate, contractor and financing marketplaces

The result is portfolio-level programs implemented in a more customer-centric and engaging way. It’s a new day for demand side management.

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“In this rapidly changing and advancing industry, this acquisition allows us to look to the future. It will provide our utility client’s customers with a better experience, whether that’s through a personalized customer journey, account portals that dynamically adjust to behavior, or expanded marketplace features in our online stores.”

Paul Schueller

Franklin Energy

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