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The Industry’s Best are Better Together

Together, Resource Action Programs (RAP), GoodCents® and Franklin Energy will cover the demand side management program gamut as Franklin Energy Group – representing 500 years of combined energy efficiency, education and demand response experience.

With our commitment to helping all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently, we couldn’t be more excited or prepared to bring this to our clients. Now that we’ve shared the news, let us address all you’ll want to know. 


First and foremost, we are stronger and more capable at serving our clients and their customers as an integrated organization. This structure now allows us to meet all client needs across all market segments throughout the US and Canada. Secondly, our merge brings together the very best minds in engineering, marketing, technology, energy efficiency and demand response – driving innovation and increasing satisfaction. And finally, our executive leadership team is comprised of expert leaders with hundreds of years of experience in this industry. All considered, this merge wasn’t so much a question of “Why?” for us – it was “How could we not?”



There is significant advantage to having scale in our business. It allows us to invest in the future, namely in the areas of innovation, new products/services and enhanced delivery models. Data driven solutions and security are also key issues when working with utility customer information and this requires investment.  

how's the merger COMING?

Great! While the merge became final late last year, everyone used the remainder of 2016 to concentrate on achieving goals for our clients. Since January, we’ve been working on integrating various departments where appropriate, across Franklin Energy, GoodCents and RAP.

what does this mean for clients?

Simply, it’s more of a good thing. More experts on hand to drive innovation. More coverage to achieve your DSM goals. More flexibility from an approachable, helpful team. It means we can help you solve problems, never before possible. And combined, we have the scale and expertise to design a custom solution that meets your unique needs.


For the most part, you can still call us by the name you know. The GoodCents name and brand remains intact for all demand response contracts. However any new proposals will be submitted under the Franklin Energy Group name. The RAP name and brand remains intact for all existing and new contracts, however, if and when we see benefits for our clients, proposals may be submitted under the Franklin Energy Group name.




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